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着火 英语

to catch fire; to be ablaze; to be aflame be on fire

catch fire 着火,以物做主语,表示什么东西着火了。 set fire 放火,以人做主语,表示某人纵火,放火。

使着火,放火:set on fire 例:The truck was attacked and set on fire. 卡车遇袭并被纵火。

The house is on fire.

“着火”这个短语,翻译成英语: catch fire 或者be on fire

A factory was/is on fire.

try to burn it

风台 着火 feng tai catch fire

We are the champions Setting it off again Oh we‘re on fire 根据你的意思,我觉得你说的就是这个吧《Fire》 - Gavin Degraw 听听看!希望满意~! http://www.kuwo.cn/yinyue/5181921/

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