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以及起火时应该做什么" 英文翻译 And what to do when fire "

There was a big fire in one office building in our neighborhood at about nine4 o’clock last night. Many firemen and fire engines came. In the beginning, we saw flames with thick black smoke coming out from the sixth floor; and ...

对应的英语:what should you do in the case of a fire? 回答: 1) Go out your room and follow the fire exit immediately. 2) Broke the fire alarm if possible. 3) Use fire distinguisher if you know how to use it. 4) Make sure you s...

发生火灾时你应该做什么和不该做什么 What should you do and what you should not do when a fire happens

When you are caught in a fire,don’t be nervous.If there is thick smoke surrounding you,you should try your best to lower your body and at the same time use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose.Don’t jump from a hi...


to catch fire; to be ablaze; to be aflame be on fire

发生火灾 翻译: Fire occurred

发生火灾时你应该做什么和不该做什么 What should you do and what should not do when a fire occurs

使着火,放火:set on fire 例:The truck was attacked and set on fire. 卡车遇袭并被纵火。


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